I am a web developer turned travel blogger that is forced to code to eat.

Explore the similarities between JavaScript and Python.

… and some differences too!

Comparing JavaScript and Python is like comparing apples and potatoes. Both are useful but are used for different things. JavaScript is primarily run on the client-side while Python is primarily run on the server-side. With that said, they are two very different beasts, and comparing them isn’t fair.

But PHP…

The Avada Website Builder is the number one, best-selling WordPress theme of all time, having been sold around 730,000 times on ThemeForest at the time of writing.

But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In fact, I didn’t like it when I was first introduced to it in 2019, and only…

The basis of the Internet is the simple <a> tag. It links one page to another. It links a Wikipedia article to another, a Tweet to another, a DM to another, and a Medium article to another. It is the most important element on any website.

Because of the frequent…

Kenton de Jong

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