Projects have deadlines, and sometimes developers can’t meet those deadlines. Sometimes that’s because there’s too much work, and sometimes it’s because they’re not good developers. This was the case recently when a developer I know spent over a week trying to reconfigure Wordpress’s TinyMCE’s WYSIWYG editor. According to them, the editor kept “stripping out their code”.

Upon further exploration, I discovered that no, the editor wasn’t doing that — instead, it was fixing the code. Wordpress’s TinyMCE editor tries to validate broken HTML and it cleaned up a mistake the developer had made. …

If you’re reading this, you know what CSS container queries are. I’m not going to go into why they’re so important and so special and why everybody is talking about them. You know what they are. There’s no need for an introduction.

But I’m not a fan of them.

Try saying that 5 times fast.

CSS has changed a lot since I first learned it in 2010. When I started, very little of the above would make sense. Today, however, not only does it make sense, but it works. At least, mostly.

(We are talking about CSS here.)

The situation that birthed the above monster started when I inherited a project from a former developer. The main width of the website was 1200px wide, but this particular section was unique. It was a two-column layout with the right column being 40% of the screen width and the left column being 60%. The content inside the…

JavaScript should be written on a computer. That goes without saying. But in 2011, during my final post-secondary exam, I had to write JavaScript functions out by hand.

Yes, I physically had to write out loops, variables, selectors, and even:


And I loathed writing it. It used up so much space on my paper. I’m not even kidding. Go write it out. JavaScript functions should never be written on paper.

Kenton de Jong

I am a web developer turned travel blogger that is forced to code to eat.

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